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True life i’m dating a cougar.My bro is dating an adult girl. LONG

True life i’m dating a cougar.My bro is dating an adult girl. LONG

Re: my buddy is dating an adult girl. LONG

We posted this on the other side thread relating to this. I will be 41 and possess a young child. I cannot imagine someone that is dating years more youthful than me personally, but that is me personally. Your sibling may be immature, but therefore might she. Maturity does not always come with age. They have been both grownups and liberated to do whatever they want.

I do believe if you would like keep a relationship along with your bro, you should be careful as to what you tell him about it. Then let it go if you really feel the need to speak your piece, say it once and.

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Re: my cousin is dating a mature woman. LONG

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We have not published about it before.

You did not publish about any of it however your sibling did.

We thought it sounded familiar-the Cougar thread it is thought by me had been?

Like everybody else stated on that thread, you truly can not get a grip on exactly what your bro does-he is old sufficient to create his or her own decisions and then so be it, though we all get hurt in relationships for various reasons some much worse then an age gap if that means he ends up getting hurt.