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Obama Vacationed Alone With Reggie Adore, Bans Media from Taking Photos

Obama Vacationed Alone With Reggie Adore, Bans Media from Taking Photos

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

The contents of the post might be upsetting for some of you unrepentant Obama apologists. You might want to sit this 1 out and wait when it comes to post that is next will likely be up fleetingly.

For years there has been rumors about President farmers dating site online Barack Obama’s intimate choices. To comprehend why i will be entertaining the rumors today, i need to just take you back once again to November 2011, whenever Obama’s “body guy” Reggie Love resigned from their manufactured position as “deputy governmental manager” to Mr. Obama.

The WH press pool that follows Obama everywhere speculated quietly that the president and Mr. Love had broken up at the time. The rumor mongers in the press pool speculated that like had been expected to resign — so near the November elections — because “compromising” photos from their university days had surfaced on line — while the photos had been zooming across the online highway at such a pace that is rapid the White home could maybe not include them.

Relating to this website, the pictures purportedly showed a “heavily inebriated” Mr. appreciate doing a homosexual work on another male.

It had been very important to Reggie like to tender their resignation if Mr. Obama had any hopes to be reelected. Therefore, leave Mr. Love stage kept.

Now, fast ahead for this week that is past whenever word leaked that the Obamas were taking split holidays. The moment the reports were confirmed by the White House, the dedicated people in the Church of Obama dropped for their knees in fervent defense of the Savior.

One audience quipped: “as soon as your relationship is strong and safe, you’ll just take a different vacay over a lengthy weekend.” (Yea, certain. As though your reader would not snap if her husband also hinted from her.